I was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario and have always had a flair for the dramatic. Acting, singing and dancing were the start of a long list of artistic hobbies.

A self taught Graphic Artist, Painter and Photographer, my first Marketing job after graduating from Conestoga College enabled me to experiment with graphic design. I have had a successful career as a Marketing Coordinator and Graphic Designer for over 12 years.


Art for me is a form of catharsis;  A way to escape the every day.  Canvas’ are like personal journals.  Whatever mood or emotion is in me at the time is poured out on the canvas.  Mostly these are abstract, candid glimpses into my thoughts, that I use as inspiration.  The end result is a vivid projection made with acrylics, oils and textured mediums.

Colour is not my enemy, but rather my comfort.  I take joy in bright, vivid and bold pieces that spark conversation in an attempt to release the anxieties of every day life.  I also prefer the use of a pallet knife, as the images are usually more raw and blunt and more accurately depict the vision I am creating.

My work is guided by my emotions and feelings.  I start with a concept, crank up some music and let my mood, surroundings and the initial concept inspire my decisions. Sometimes the concept is solidified, sometimes the direction of the piece changes completely once, twice or many more times before I am finished.  In the end, all I am looking for is something that tells a story and moves the viewer in some way.

I held my first art exhibit in February, 2015.


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